A ritual of love is the most powerful act one can perform.

Integrating ritual into our daily lives needn't be complicated or difficult. It can be as simple as consciously cooking a meal or slowly washing a dish.

What happens when we focus a ritual of love on ourselves?

We consciously co-create our lives, transform obstacles into opportunities, make room for insights, clarity, and prosperity, and we make manifest our own true power.

INTRODUCING the Euphoria Ritual Box

 a simple way to bring the power of love to your day.

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Ritual Boxes

Winter Self Love

Limited edition - shipping begins at the end of December and contents change seasonally. (Spring Self Love coming at the end of March!)


The self is all encompassing. It includes every part of us, seen and unseen. To get to know and love ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we have been given - it is also our greatest responsibility. True love & true change begin within.

Our Self Love Ritual Boxes are hand curated and full of many different items and products to soothe your skin, hair, body, and soul. Every season's box is unique and contents will vary depending on season, availability, and creative whim! You can rely on us to curate a delicious mix of items, knowing that our products are selected with the highest care for you, our environment and planet. We focus on qualityeffectiveness and good-for-you ingredients. Every box includes a suggested ritual for you to experiment with, designed to support you in your journey of sacred self care and conscious transformation.

Ritual: Open your ritual box and select the items that call to you. Be honest and real with however you're feeling and practice accepting and feeling your emotions. Act them out in a safe environment. Ask yourself, β€œwhat do I need?” Clear space. Set intentions. Tap into peace. Feel the love.

Opening my Euphoria Ritual box was a little slice of heaven. All of the products are so perfectly curated and I love that they are all pure and good for me! There is so much value tucked away into this box! It’s such a breath of fresh air for the woman who works hard and needs to remember to indulge in a moment of self care.
— Hannah

Get to Know the Winter Self Love Ritual Box

No matter the act, when love is invoked, miracles occur.

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*Euphoria Ritual Box contents may not be exactly as pictured. While we do choose the contents for each box seasonally, Euphoria holds the right to select which products appear in each box. Due to the elements of fun, creativity and surprise (and periodic inventory changes) exact box contents may vary from person to person!  With a seasonal subscription, you will receive a different box each quarter. Subscription boxes ship at the end of March, June, September and December.


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