A ritual of love is the most powerful act one can perform.

Integrating ritual into our daily lives needn't be complicated or difficult. It can be as simple as consciously cooking a meal or slowly washing a dish.

What happens when we focus a ritual of love on ourselves?

We purposefully refill our cup so that it may overflow into the lives of others.

INTRODUCING the Euphoria Ritual Box

 a simple way to bring love to your day.

Select the ritual calling to you, or subscribe to receive them all.

Ritual Boxes

Skin Love


Your skin is your largest organ! What you put on it and expose it to, matters. Our skincare products are chosen with the utmost care, focusing on qualityeffectiveness and good-for-you ingredients.

Ritual: Put aside a few minutes in your day to slowly caress your skin - massaging, nourishing and loving yourself. Imagine yourself as a baby - pure, soft and innocent - send gratitude to your body for all that it does for you and for the good fortune of being able to grow older in it.

Hair Love


Your hair is a beautiful extension of you. It is as unique as you are - complete with personality, texture, color and flair. Your locks are a canvas, ready and willing to be twisted, painted, styled, allowed to fly free - whatever your fancy. Use this ritual box to show gratitude to your hair. Our haircare products are selected with the highest care for you, our environment and planet. 

Ritual: Pay attention to your hair. Touch it, look at it, talk to it. Ask it what it needs today. Then listen and provide it. Celebrate the uniqueness of your hair and thank it for being one-of-a-kind. 

Body Love


We couldn't do anything without our bodies! They perform a multitude of tasks, most of them without our even knowing or telling them to. Our bodies are the houses, temples and vehicles of our souls. This ritual box was carefully curated to provide lots of opportunity to celebrate, adorn and soothe your beautiful body.

Ritual: Sit quietly and tap into the sensation of having a body. Feel where your feet touch the floor, where your hands rest in your lap. Feel your skin, your organs, every fold and crease. Appreciate that you are here right now and send thanks to your body for all that it has given to you throughout your life. Vow to love it always, exactly as it is and to care for it in all the ways you can. Open your ritual box and play.

Self Love

The self is all encompassing. It includes every part of us, seen and unseen. To get to know and love ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we have been given - it is also our greatest responsibility. True love & true change begin within.

Ritual: Open your ritual box and select the items that call to you. Be honest and real with however you're feeling and practice accepting and feeling your emotions. Act them out in a safe environment. Ask yourself what you need. Clear space. Set intentions. Tap into peace. Feel the love.

No matter the act, when love is invoked, miracles occur.

*Euphoria Ritual Box contents will not be exactly as pictured. While some Ritual Boxes are customizable by skin or hair type, Euphoria holds the right to select which products appear in each box. Due to the product size purchased, the elements of fun, creativity and surprise (and periodic inventory changes) exact box contents will vary from person to person and season to season!  With a quarterly subscription, you will receive one different box type each quarter. With a monthly subscription, you will receive one box type per month, rotating through the four different box types. Subscription boxes ship around the15th of each month.

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